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White Cloud Energetics provides groundbreaking transformational journeys into your subconscious to clear the path to reach your full potential.

In a powerful mix of quantum energy work,  somatic and hypnotherapy Skai leads you to your emotional and trauma related blockages that can often lay beyond your own awareness.

The most impossible in life - from chronic diseases, lifelong traumas, physical pains and mental illnesses - can be transmuted into new life force.

we offer:





Whom are we serving?

Artists, creatives, entertainment professionals, conscious entrepreneurs, mindful influencers, and any individuals who seek to uncover and live your deeper truth, unlock and manifest your full potential and remove any blockages.


Holistic practitioners (shamans, healers, reiki masters, life coaches, therapists, counselors, psychics, yoga & meditation teachers, etc.) who want to increase your attunement and healing ability. 

Individuals with a specific ailment, a chronic disease, an old trauma, who have tried all types of traditional and alternative methods, and have a strong desire to be done with it.

We use a seamless blend of:

- deep psychological listening to zero in on the root cause of your core  trauma

- emotional therapy to make you read the key messages hidden under your stuck emotions

- guided lucid dreaming / hypnotherapy to make you see / feel the energy behind them

quantum energy work to activate your inner power and  transmute stuck energies into new life force

- transformational guidance to help you uncover your true purpose, get rid of your old stories and move fluidly through your challenges


 Transformational guidance

& Energy healing

The Zero Point Energy field is the source of energy at the origin of everything. It is limitless, available everywhere and all the time. 

By opening your Heart Center we connect you directly to this source-field, reactivate the life-force within you and remove the main obstacles to let it flow.

We reset your energetic system to its original blueprint in such a way that you become capable of self-healing.

By recentering and anchoring you into the Zero Point Energy field you feel alive, awakened, in power and we give you the tools to stay connected with it. 

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Courtesy of Bill Viola, Five Angels

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