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brian donohue

integrative alignment therapist

From the very beginning, Brian saw a flawed and confusing healthcare system. While the industry is getting better at prescribing for symptoms, Brian focuses on going after the root cause. It is with this approach that led him to search for answers on how to care for the human body through a synergistic blend of multiple modalities. Brian began his journey in health academia in 2008 with a degree in biology then became licensed in massage therapy, personal training, Active Release Technique, STOTT pilates and Strong First strength coaching. He quickly learned the importance of finding balance between western scientific research, traditional eastern techniques, and the modern world we live in. In 2017, Brian led the treatment at Human Garage in Los Angeles where he researched and experimented by integrating the applications of chiropractic, craniopathy, acupuncture, and energy work.


Brian co-founded Shen Generation in 2019 and continues to further his treatment alongside his partner, Alex. As a practitioner, he has become known for his life-changing treatment approach to proactive self-care. His clientele includes some of the world’s top athletes, celebrities, and high-profile professionals.

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