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clients include

teachers /  healers

Master healers, life coaches, counselors, integral MD's, university professors, shamans, reiki masters, zen teachers, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, art therapists, psychics, energy/body workers, etc.


Actors/actresses, painters, directors, producers, cinematographers, animators, writers, screenwriters, poets, dancers, musicians, photographers, designers, models, etc.

business professionals

Wellness startup CEO & COO, tech startup CEO, fashion CEO, real estate investors, lawyers, social workers, fundraisers, aerospace engineers, web designers/developers, data scientists, etc.

I have been on a path of self discovery my entire life. Beginning in my youth asking all the hard-hitting questions, seeking answers thru a wide range of philosophies, teachings, and trainings. So, when Esteban introduced me to ZeroPoint, I was already well-versed in the field of transformational work. Yet, there was still a glass ceiling which I had not been able to pierce and supersede. Through a series of in-depth sessions I released those remaining layers and found the tools to relinquish my attachments that had held me earthbound these many years. 

Now I am free to soar and fly. 

- Barbara Kramer, Fashion and Wellness Startup CEO

There's been before and after Esteban.

- Leah H., Architect

Esteban is a walk-in soul with very special healing abilities which can cure almost any kind of physical and mental issues. 

- Meher Madon, Spiritual Coach and Akashic Reader

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