ESTEBAN ECCLESIA (Los Angeles, France)

Esteban spent 20 years in a constant process of transformation including 3 years in deep silence/meditation, working on channeling and integrating high level of energy into his body, heart and mind. He is now capable to transfer this zero point energy mastery to his clients who heal as much as they learn to heal themselves.


He works in person in the Los Angeles area and performs distance healing all around the world with the same efficacy.

"In Dec. 2012, I received a radical inner calling to stop any physical, mental and emotional activity and to meditate. I spent the following three years in silence learning to quiet my mind, stay centered in the ZeroPoint field, activate and master my energy. I remained one year sitting on a chair, meditating night and day to channel energy within my body, one year walking/meditating from morning to night and one year running/meditating about 50 miles a day with very limited in-takes of food and water in order to rely mostly on pure energy and to remain calm and centered in the midst of constant pressure.

In 2015 I felt ready to share my experience and founded my ZeroPoint practice in Boulder, CO, guiding people in deep and long-lasting personal transformations. I helped heal diseases/traumas/blockages such as manic-depressive psychosis, bipolarity, depression, bulimia, gender issues, physical, sexual and emotional abuses, drug, alcohol, sexual and emotional addictions, self-worth, arthritis, spine injury, myofascial pain, scoliosis, brain stroke, lyme disease, neuropathy, HIV, HPV, etc."

Prior to this, in 2001 I started a 12 year multidisciplinary research in:

- psychology (analytical psychology, archetypal psychology, biosociopsychology, psychoenergetics) 

- science (systemic analysis, quantum mechanics, chaos theory, unified field theory, string theory, zero point energy, epigenetics, PEMF, ufology)

- meditation and spirituality (zero point meditation, tantric buddhism, integral yoga (Sri Aurobindo), Shamanism, Taoism, contemplative Christianity, Sufi poetry and whirling, and Jewish Mysticism)

- philosophy (phenomenology, metaphysics, hermeneutics, maieutics, ontology, theology, epistemology)

- art (art history, art theory and practice with painting, music composition, writing and film-making)

- athletics (ultra-running, free-climbing, free-diving).

In parallel I have created a groundbreaking high concept sci-fi television series, ZeroPoint. Based on ZeroPoint principles it aims at diffusing this self-healing and empowering knowledge and at facilitating a larger awakening of our species." 


Available for online sessions and in person sessions in the Los Angeles area.