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Our group sessions help you align your Body-Mind-Heart-Soul-Spirit Intelligences to identify and transform blockages, unlock your unique & core potential, and become one in all movements of life. Seeing our strengths and weaknesses reflected back at us through other people aids us in a more accurate self-perception. It also helps us to see that despite our idiosyncrasies, some

apparently "weird" or unique singularities are on the contrary commonly shared.

For companies or other groups these collective sessions are a way to build a rooted and dynamic team culture by:
- strengthening interpersonal connections
- identifying and reinforcing personal and collective purpose(s)
- building common notions and vocabulary to enhance and deepen communication
- developing personal and collective practices that can be used to increase the flow and productivity of meetings, foster non- judgmental attitudes, and unlock creativity.

Our 2-hour Seminar offers a gradual progression from Body to Mind to Heart, and finally to the whole Self.

Its core objectives are:
- Developing the power of a strong and focused concentration centered in your Heart
- Understanding the basics of the
Unified Force Intelligence and Unified Life Models and using them in your daily life
to clarify, structure, and intensify your self-development
- Discovering key tools and practices to remove main emotional, mental and physical blockages and align your Spirit-Soul-Heart- Mind-Body Intelligence centers


- Discovering practical tools to ground, center and align Spirit-Soul-Heart-Mind-Body

- Structuring, clarifying and stimulating your self-development in each facet of life


- Lightening, "Flexibilizing" and "Dynamizing" the Body
- Understanding the Body Intelligence's core processes
- Discovering physical tools to connect deeper to your Body Intelligence


- Clarifying, Refining and Pacifying the Mind
- Understanding the Mind Intelligence's core processes - Personalized self-development training


- Opening, Purifying, and Strengthening the Heart
- Understanding the Heart Intelligence's core processes
- Learning to transform your emotions into force/self-understanding


-- Grounding, Deepening, and Expanding the Self
- Understanding the Self Intelligence's core processes

- Deeper self-reflection and take-aways


Our 3-Day Transformation retreats are tailored to your needs in terms of location, pricing, content and objectives.

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