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My sessions are a blend of spiritual therapy, guided lucid dreaming and zero point energy work. I help you connect to your deeper Self and clear any blockages in your mind, heart and body that impede you to be in your power. 

All the answers, all the healings are in you. I simply help you uncover them, and transfer the tools for you to keep doing it yourself.

ONE ON ONE sessions

People usually experience a drastic shift after the first session which is a heart activation & a spiritual empowerment. We go deep inside the very core of your root trauma and remove the stuck energy that impedes you to flow freely. We replenish you with a new life-force and your whole energetic system is cleansed, reset and activated to its primordial potential. Self-healing can enfold.

You can book additional sessions to work on any specific problem as needed or decide to go through the specific program below.

90mn. $300 in person in West Hollywood. $250 via phone. House calls available in the Los Angeles area (additional fee may apply).

Note: the healing functions perfectly at a distance as the Zero Point Energy is non-local.


AKTIVATE - 4 individual sessions program

This accelerated program gives you the clarity, the desire and the power to work consistently towards the life you have come to live.

- We validate and unlock your own forces, intuition, skills and insights.

- We help you see and clear any toxic relationships and make room for the ones that serve your highest purpose.

- We uncover and clarify your true purpose, your life mission, the very reason you have come into this existence.

- We transform lacks, fears and blockages into life-forces.

- We build tools to activate, clear, shield and manifest your energy.

- We make you feel a deep sense of peace and worth that will be the foundation of your existence.

- We unlock a deeper force and the higher faith that no matter what you are equipped to ride towards your goals. 


After an overview of your life story we zero in on the main trauma that impedes you to live fully the life you want.

We remove the stuck energy at the core of this blockage and you feel this deep peace that you have been yearning for.

Your life-force is restored and your soul power activated.


Once you know the life you want to create deep in your heart, we unlock your manifestation powers by removing the main obstacles in your mind, your heart and your guts.

We clear old patterns, stuck energies, outdated life stories and make room for the new.

75mn each


Once your soul power is activated you start seeing a future full of possibilities.

We dig into what life you authentically want to create for yourself.

You learn to connect with your higher Self and uncover your true purpose.

This will be both the engine for your growth and the outcome of your spiritual work.


You feel you have the time and the space to transform any obstacles into an opportunity to grow, any stuck energy into life-force, any failure as a key for success.

You uncover a faith, a resilience, a persistence, a gentleness towards yourself coupled with a firmness that gives you the deep intimate certainty that you will do what you have to do, no matter what, and thus accomplish any goal you set to yourself.

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