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We believe that we co-create our own reality, both consciously and unconsciously.

We thus have the power to self-heal any kind of diseases / traumas / blockages and to self-determine in what kind of world we want to live in.

By coming together and joining forces, we activate our collective field of energy and increase tenfold our healing / creative powers.

Esteban is a Transformation guide, Zero Point Energy worker and the founder of Unified Force Intelligence practice. He has guided dozens of individuals in life-changing transformations, refining/proof testing his practice and models.

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meher madon (india)
spiritual coach, akashic records healer

Meher comes from a long lineage of Zoroastrian Priests,  and is a channel from a very young age. She specializes in helping people with their life-purpose/ genetic-blueprint recognition and deepening using Channeling, Akashic Records, Astrology, Numerology; and her study of Vedic knowledge, guiding you to walk this lifetime in the full Light of your True Self!

Barbara brings her brilliant strategic and creative advice to UFI, as well as her decades of practical experience in implementing successfully cutting-edge concepts, brands and products. She has forged an untraditional path, building an extensive self-styled career thru her hands on practical experience and learned knowledge, in all phases of the fashion, wellness and lifestyle industries.

barbara kramer
change maker, strategic advisor

Brian co-founded Shen Generation in 2019 and continues to further his treatment alongside his partner, Alex. As a practitioner, he has become known for his life-changing treatment approach to proactive self-care. His clientele includes some of the world’s top athletes, celebrities, and high-profile professionals. 

Alex is a multidisciplinary digital designer and marketer specializing in turning revolutionary ideas into practical applications. Since graduating from Loyola Marymount University, she spearheaded the brand development for a boutique health & wellness facility in Westside Los Angeles, gaining a successful reputation in strategic operations, content creation, and business development. This experience led her to consult with numerous brands across the healthcare space before launching Shen Generation in 2019. As technology and evolutionary consciousness continue to rapidly excel in the health industry, Alex is dedicated to connecting brands with their audience in an authentic and meaningful way that help.

alexandria cheng
 digital designer and marketer

After 15 years of intense/constant work upon myself, I finally reached a place of clarity, love, constance, and energetic power where I felt ready to share my experience and help others's personal growth. For 5 years I've been guiding a vast number of people in radical transformations, centering them in their true heart, connecting them with their true selves, and healing major psychological, emotional and physical diseases, traumas, blockages, unbalances, etc. During this first step I have been refining the basis of U.F.I. concepts and practice, learning what worked well, what could be improved, what I did want and I didn't want to do. 

It recently became clear to me that the old healer/healed relationship was introducing a huge limit in the full empowerment of both parties. I felt a need to bypass this dichotomy to go even further and faster in the healing/empowering process. When the healer is performing a "miraculous" healing on an individual, that is only one side of a triple-sided coin. The will to heal and the trust given to the process by the individual is as much, possibly even more of a catalyst for the healing energy to flow through his/her body field and operate the healing. The zero point energy is the third side of the coin, its very fabric. 

Understanding that the energy of the healer is the same as the energy of the healed, that there is only one energy field from which we are all drinking, and that today we can activate it at will without having to do decades of hardcore yogic practices is paramount. The healer is an activator/accelerator. If one has reached a certain level of energy, one can transfer this energy to whomever is willing to seize it, activate it, and use it for one's own sake and others. It is not the property of the healer, but an unlimited resources available to everyone throughout the unified force field.

If one really understands what this means and what this implies, one will realize that there is today a potential for an accelerated healing/empowering of humanity that has never been seen nor even conceived before. 

This realization is the basis, the fuel, and the mission of Unified Force Intelligence practitioners. 

- Esteban Ecclesia

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