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Our clients say...

Skai is phenomenal at what he does. I've been working with him to strengthen my intuition and raise my spiritual vibrations. His energy is powerful, and you can feel it through the guided meditations you do with him.

If you want to uplevel your spiritual connection with yourself, work with Skai. I highly recommend him.

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Romita, CEO, Glitter For The Soul®

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Lauren Avriel, Creative Director, Vibe Artistry Entertainment

 Skai is extraordinary. Truly. I've been part of spiritual and energy healing communities for almost 20 years and  Skai is one of the rare exceptionally masterful true healers I've had the privilege to meet. In fact, he single handedly was the healer who finally was able to completely turn around my health, in literally just 1-2 sessions, when nothing else worked. Absolutely miraculous. And I'm so beyond thankful that I gave White Cloud Energetics a try because I was at the end of my rope of a very long weary healing journey with seemingly no end in sight and it was the game changer I needed.


If you're dealing with extreme trauma, a dis-regulated nervous system or mystery illness, he's a miracle worker. After landing in the ER and months and months of going to all of my other tried and true practitioners (who are all incredible and usually all I need), doing everything from Acupuncture, to Chinese herbs, to Ayurveda, to bodywork, to NET- Neuro-Emotional Technique, and seeing multiple doctors, you name it, nothing was really working (a little progress, but the issue persisted) until I went to Skai.


He is able to see and zero in on a very deep energetic level to get to the actual core root cause of the issue which sometimes can be beyond the understanding of other medicine. He helped me breakthrough, discover and finally remove what was blocking me from moving forward. So if traditional medicine or even alternative natural medicine is failing you, I cannot emphasize enough how profoundly transformational a session with Skai can be to help turn things around for you.


I am also deeply grateful for how he works with pure light energy in a gentle, but powerful healing way that's very clear vibrationally, safe and supportive. In a time where it can be challenging to know who to trust or where to turn, Skai is a blessing for humanity who was meant for this time to really help people recover and heal, returning to their true light. I am honored to know him and grateful for the light he brings.

I have done a lot of healing work over the past several years and Skai is particularly gifted in holding space to have a very deep healing experience.


There were significant traumas in my life that I had spent several years working through. He was a masterful guide in supporting my release of some final ties to those experiences. I really was able to see some things from a perspective that I had not prior, which was significant to me since I had done years of work already.  This was particularly around fully disconnecting from a toxic relationship with my ex husband that I had been married to for 15 years.   

Since the work I did with Skai, I have felt a new level of freedom regarding that relationship, which is important because we have 2 kids together. I feel largely immune to being triggered by him now, and generally at peace regarding matters with him.  

I recommend Skai's work to either a client, who is new to energy work, because I find him extremely sensitive to his audience. I also recommend him to clients who are seasoned in their personal healing and growth, because he will support you in opening up new levels of healing and awareness. I loved his group experience also and felt his work was extremely effective in that setting as well.  

Thank you, Skai!

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Laura Yosowitz, Life Coach & Mother, Houston, Tx

Sarah Levy, yoga teacher (Joshua Tree, CA)

I had a beautiful session with Skai. I was struggling to leave a toxic relationship and Skai gave me a lot of clarity. I also felt a deep sense of release after this session. I would highly recommend experiencing a healing with Skai if you feel emotionally stuck. Thank you again.

Kizziah Burton, creative/kizziah burton international (Houston, Texas)

Skai - a healer with knowledge of the realities - he is The Enlightened Witness (written about by Alice Miller in her books) necessary for true healing to occur especially in the hard-to-reach organs of the soul ... injuries previously witnessed and carried alone by the body.

Victoria Benmussa, yoga teacher Sarah Levy (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Skai helped me so much through our online energy healing session. I could clear so many things from the past, realign my energy and really move forward in my life. He has a beautiful light and a true gift as a healer.

"Skai is uniquely gifted and I have never seen another healer with such a special power. He goes into the depths of what emotional issue causes a physical issue and actually pull it out of your system after making you understand what it’s all about.
This work is very detailed and goes into the deepest layers of your psyche to heal wounds which one may have carried from lifetime after lifetime. Certain physical pain like my intense back pain just wasn’t there when we hung up the phone. My auto-immune disease started reversing. My chronic fatigue dissipating.
It feels like miraculous though he also has the ability to make you understand where the core trauma comes from in addition to the magic of putting it out which I believe is a very rare power. I am grateful that he is here in the world to help all of us."
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M.M., Akashic reader, Life coach 

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Vaitiare Hirshon, Actress, Singer (Los Angeles, Tahiti)

I was invited to a meditation one night led by Skai. As we started the ceremony he asked that we set an intention. I decided to focus on my relationship with my daughter. We hadn’t spoken in months and I wanted to be open and hoped this would alleviate and heal the pain between us. I was ready to try anything at this point.

I listened to his voice and guided meditation and surrendered with love and gratitude. We were in a group of maybe 20 people. It felt peaceful and everyone was there with an open mind . The energy felt amazing and after an hour or so Skai gently and openly asked us questions about how we felt and we all shared our experiences.


It felt really good to be in a group meditation for the first time.

I felt an inner peace as my friend and I said goodbye feeling a beautiful vibrant energy. I went up to my room showered brushed my teeth and got in bed. I picked up my phone and as I was ready to send an email I see the name of my daughter appear on my caller ID.


My jaw literally dropped still feeling this amazing energy from the evenings meditation and I calmly answered my phone.


Hearing the sweet voice of my daughter was a moment of pure bliss. It was our first talk in months! My heart was full.

Thank you Skai for your kind loving and pure energy.

I knew then I wanted a one on one session.

The healing continued and we revisited a trauma I had when I was 8 years old of a sexual assault. Skai gently and lovingly guided me, asking questions that helped me to release decades of trauma.  It was very strong and powerful.  I felt I could trust him and open up. Ever since these two amazing sessions I have felt tremendous peace and love. 


I highly recommend Skai and believe miracles do happen. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

I have been on a path of self discovery my entire life. Beginning in my youth asking all the hard-hitting questions, seeking answers thru a wide range of philosophies, teachings, and trainings. So, when Skai introduced me to White Cloud Energetics, I was already well-versed in the field of transformational work.


Yet, there was still a glass ceiling which I had not been able to pierce and supersede. Through a series of in-depth sessions I released those remaining layers and found the tools to relinquish my attachments that had held me earthbound these many years. 

Now I am free to soar and fly. 

Barbara Kramer, Fashion and Wellness  CEO

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