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The Unified Force Intelligence model is a powerful tool for self-healing and empowerment. It helps you understand the nature of the 5 intelligence centers composing your Self. It is a sort of mirror, to look at yourself and bring your awareness to these various energetic layers. 

It is not necessary to understand every details of it with your mind, but the very fact to look at it, ponder about it from your heart center, brings more clarity, order, and empowerment.

The 5 circles represent different layers of our Self. We are all of it, from our most material part, the BODY, to our most immaterial, the SPIRIT.

By bringing our awareness to these different parts of our being, we are activating their intelligences.

By understanding better how they work, individually and together, we are unlocking their powers.

And by learning to move fluidly between and within them, we are unifying them, becoming one in the process. 

Every human is a multidimensional energetic being composed of infinite layers of energies. Energy is consciousness, and consciousness is energy. Therefore these layers are conscious energetic intelligences. 

To simplify, we can group them in 5 core intelligences: Body-Mind-Heart-Soul-Spirit. These layers are embedded, intertwined, and constantly interact with each other by sending energetic feedbacks. Each subsequent layers originates from the former one, is made out of it, and embedded in it, just like Russian dolls. No-one and nothing escapes from its Source.

We are a continuum that starts from the highest spiritual realm to the lowest material one. The essence of our Self is one, spiritual, whole and unified, and it descends progressively the levels of existence to more and more fragmentation and individualization, unto the most limited portion of our Self: our ego. 

Humans are taught that they are this ego - a body, a heart, from which emerges a mind, and that's about it. This reductive secular modern belief is coming to its end, and humans soon will understand that they are first and foremost immaterial beings, part of a collective spirit, often called God, that is individualizing itself as a multitude of souls. Each one of these souls can manifest one or several material selves, who can be human beings or other living forms. The heart or emotional center makes the transition between the soul that knows/sees/manifests and the mind that selects/organizes, and which itself commands the body that implements.

There is no separation in that chain of command except in our ego-minds that are under the illusion that they command that whole chain of creation. Lifting the veil of this delusion, reconnecting with all the levels of our being, grounded in our Self , and able to function harmoniously within all of these facets of ourselves is one of the key objectives of Unified Force Intelligence zero point  practice.

The original layer is SPIRIT. Spirit represents the “stuff”, God, Primordial Energy or Consciousness at the origins of everything. It is the very fabric of our universe and of everything we know, see, hear, touch or feel. This is the level of CREATION, where creation originates from and comes back to be digested, processed, and re-created.

We are in essence this energy, this Spirit, That, and we live under the egoic illusion that we are separate from it. The whole goal of our human journey is to find that union again, after a process of individuation in which we become both singular, with our own personal identity, and part of this whole, in constant communion with our Spirit. Progressively we can live more at this level of consciousness and feel indeed that we are the Creators of our own life while enjoying the surprise and benefits of it. 


The SPIRIT or GOD’s core function is CREATION:

  • Conceiving new blueprints for world’s, realities, souls, species or actions

  • Reorienting energies, correcting cycles, eliminating obstructions

  • Transforming: creating, sustaining and destroying/recycling energies 


SPIRIT is pure immaterial energy, the source of our collective consciousness and unconsciousness, and a unified force field also called zero point energy field.

The second core intelligence layer is the SOUL. Spirit individualizes itself as a multitude of souls. Each one of these souls can manifest one or several material selves, who can be human beings or other living forms. SOUL can be seen as the KING or the QUEEN, governing this multitude of selves. It is a Person, per se, the very center of our “I” or PSYHIC CENTER, our connection between our Spirit and our material form/ego.

The soul incarnates and reincarnates in our physical world striving towards a specific purpose: to MANIFEST one aspect of the Spirit in a multitude of forms. It is the energetic field that remains after the dissolution of our physical body. It does not cease with death, but is transformed through it.

The SOUL or QUEEN's core function is MANIFESTATION:
- Personalizing blueprints, individualizing actions into  physical realities
- Overseeing the application of the laws  and objectives of creation
- Mediating between the spiritual world and the material world


The Soul is an immaterial energy, personal rather than collective, although there can be the soul of a nation, a species, or a world. It is simultaneously a unified and individualized energy.

One of the main challenge of our human transformation is reconnecting and centering ourself in our Soul. Realizing that we are fundamentally a Soul inhabiting a body/ego, and stopping identifying with our ego’s fears, pains and desires, in order to access to the broader picture/purpose of our incarnation.

The third core intelligence center is the HEART. The Heart is a highly critical center as it makes the connection between the spiritual and the material worlds. It is the MASTER, that INSPIRES by:

- transforming the general directions of the soul into desires of manifestation

- inspiring forces of action,

- listening and processing feedbacks coming from the Mind and the Body.


Heart Intelligence is related to FEELING and generates LOVE. The Heart’s intelligence ranges from lower vibrations of FEAR, HATE, ANGER and NEED, to powerful vibrations of TRUST, LOVE, BLISS and CONTENTMENT. 


The Heart's basic function is to FEEL its environment, FILTERING between the energies it needs to EMBRACE, TRANSFORM, or REJECT. When the Heart is clear, it scans people or things energies very acutely, and then establishes the rightful connection between them. True COMPASSION is this activity of connecting things and beings into their own true forms and relationships. 


Opening, Purifying, and Strengthening the HEART 

- Opening the Heart is the first prerequisite to establishing an authentic and qualitative connection with the world. An open Heart is able to perceive with an even greater accuracy than the mind the gradations of the inner/outer signals from a person, an environment, or a situation. The Heart functions like a Compass, connecting immediately and simultaneously Soul, Mind and Body. 


- Purifying the Heart is thus critical in establishing a clear sensing of the world and an optimal Soul/Heart/Mind/Body connection. It implies removing/transforming fears, attachments, traumas, repressed emotions, and false desires into higher and truer modes of energy. 

- Strengthening the Heart enables us to unlock our full potential. The Heart is the most sensitive sensor. The pain it can feel transcends all others, and it tends to close itself afterwards. Looking at it calmly, purifying it from misconceptions, and reopening it each time pain happens, makes it a fit, strong, and unstoppable weapon. 

The fourth core intelligence center is the MIND. Mind’s Intelligence is related to THINKING and enables UNDERSTANDING. It evolves from disempowered states of IGNORANCE, OBSCURITY, SEPARATION and CONFUSION, to empowered states of KNOWLEDGE, CLARITY, UNION and ORDER. 


The MIND is the COMMANDER. Its basic function is to ORGANIZE FLUIDLY things, feelings, and actions:

  • Receiving inspirations from the Heart/Soul, and translating them into forms

  • Structuring the roadmap from inspiration to completion

  • Readjusting plans by integrating feedbacks from the Body and reorientations from the Heart/Soul


The MIND imagines things, worlds and scenarios based on the Soul, Heart and Body inputs, analyzes them, and establishes a synthetic view of the world through them. It conceives new and more appropriate worlds, concepts and frameworks of understanding, produces new or more evolved ideas about the world, what it is, and what it could be, and ultimately can provide a fuller and more accurate representation of the world, a finer COMPREHENSION.


This is a double edge sword: it can reassure us with a clear and comforting worldview, yet simultaneously entrap us into rigid ideas, false perceptions, perpetuating the original conditioning of the societal, psychological and educational matrix we are living in. Bypassing the mind’s concepts to rely on the Heart’s direct and purified feelings is more appropriate to an accurate perception of the world’s actual energies.


Pacifying, Clarifying, and Refining the MIND 

- Pacifying the Mind is the primordial necessity to be able to think properly. This is intrinsically linked to the Heart and Body. Emotional unrest and body unhealthiness clouds and obstructs the Mind drastically, impairing any sense of subtlety and clarity. A pacified mind is able to grasp Reality in an instant, and process a myriad of information very calmly, objectively and organically. 

- Clarifying the Mind involves deconstructing false ideas, projections, and misunderstandings about Reality. A clear mind perceives things fast, calmly, and it constantly and gradually expands its level of understanding/vision. 

- Refining the Mind implies a constant sense of observation and critique about Reality, and an always finer look at our own feelings, thoughts and perceptions. A refined Mind senses subtle nuances and elaborates finer and more supple levels of understanding. 

The fifth core intelligence center is the BODY. Body’s intelligence is related to DOING and produces ACTION . The Body evolves from disempowered states of ILLNESS, STAGNATION, WEAKNESS and RIGIDITY, to empowered states of HEALTH, ACTION, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY. 

The DNA encoded in our body is a living library of information and a blueprint of our human potential. It retains all the information from our bloodline, including forces and traumas, and of our species at large. It is a marvelous FRIEND, reflecting back to us in direct time the pains, blockages, pleasures and breakthroughs created by our way of thinking, feeling, and being. We should listen carefully to its feedbacks to improve our overall health and well being, and not override this precious information. 


As our SOLDIER, the BODY strives for COMPLETION:

  • Executing plans/orders from the Spirit/Soul/Heart/Mind and bringing them to fruition

  • Adopting/correcting/improving plans for optimal efficiency

  • Giving retroactive feedbacks to the Mind for plans' restructurations


The body's basic function is to be Aware of its environment, discerning when it is appropriate to act or to protect itself from harmful or superfluous energies and what is the most appropriate use of its energy. It receives, filters, and integrates Soul/Heart/Mind inputs to produce the fittest action and become a full and rightful EMBODIMENT of whom we truly are. Embodiment is becoming the incarnation of our own truth. 


Lightening, "Flexibilizing", and "Dynamizing" the BODY 

- Lightening the Body implies removing progressively all superfluous/obstructing/stagnating energies. These energies can be linked to physical, mental, or emotional fears, eating/moving/working habits, under/over weight or bodybuilding tendencies, etc. A light Body is the key of responsivity to Soul/Heart/Mind influx, and the basic necessity for the true transformation and alignment of Spirit/Soul/Heart/Mind/Body intelligences. 

- Flexibilizing the Body implies removing any rigidity that impedes it to be a fit receptacle for the Soul/Heart/Mind signals. A fit Body surrenders completely to the Soul/Heart/Mind commands, without resistance, and with utmost diligence. It is always ready to change direction, correct movements or habits, respond, and be a fit instrument to the Will. 

- Dynamizing the Body comes as a natural consequence of lightening and flexibilizing it. A light and flexible Body will respond fast and smooth to Heart/Mind commands, always eager to serve, adjust, correct or implement any necessary action. It becomes the perfect vessel for an appropriate transformation/integration of its environment, capable to thrive and evolve within it. 

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