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The Unified Life Model is a model of self-development which is a direct application from Esteban Ecclesia's work entitled Synthesis.

The model proposes to look at the different facets of life to see how they could function more harmoniously together. It helps to identify where are our strong, average, or weak areas, and to decide where to put our efforts, keep going as is, or let go.


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ECONOMY concerns the management of the material life, i.e. how efficiently do I organize my life in terms of finances, work, home, travel, food, etc. An artistic or philosophical person looking down on the material aspects of life struggles with it constantly, whether consciously or not. On the other hand, a person stuck in accumulating riches and securing material comforts will lack in all other domains. 

SCIENCE concerns the understanding of the material world, i.e. society, the systems, networks, the world, matter, biology, etc. its knowledge is supposed to be fact based, verifiable, replicable, and translatable into universal laws. A person stuck in the scientific understanding of the world will lack creativity and a deeper and true understanding of the world. Reciprocally, a philosophical person neglecting science will build an approximate knowledge filled with gaps, unclear thoughts and inconsistencies. 

ART concerns the transformation of life, both materially and immaterially, into a higher and more evolved form. It is not limited to the production of aesthetic objects or experiences, it is the capacity to make one's life a work of art, i.e. something meaningful, beautiful, original, skilled, and aligned with one's deeper aspirations. A true artist of life creates and transforms all aspects of life from a materially, intellectually, and emotionally balanced place. 

PHILOSOPHY concerns the understanding of the material world, i.e. the aspects of my life or of the world, at a deeper level. It tends to give priority to substance over form, inner over outer, depth over surface. Meaning "the love of wisdom" in greek, philosophy is concerned with a proper and balanced understanding of things, that lead to a harmonious and ethical life. A person too focused on the philosophical side of things will tend to neglect the material aspects of his life and research, and be unable to reach its core purpose: grounding, clarity and harmony.

PSYCHOLOGY concerns the alignment of the inner and outer selves. It is a the junction of all the other facets, operating the transaction between and within them, whence the circle at the center. Psychology digs in the deeper regions of one's psyche/unconscious to reveal /expose / enlighten them, and strives to integrate these core elements with the outer self in charge of the material world. 

Each one of these 5 facets is connected with our 5 intelligence centers, and with one of them more substantially - Economy with the Body, Science with the Mind, Psychology with the Heart, Art with the Soul, and Philosophy with the Spirit. By developing  our 5 intelligence centers we harmonize these 5 facets of our life, and reciprocally. 

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